100% commission for both plans we offer, Gold or Platinum.

We have two plans available to our agents . The Gold Plan is $99 per month with a $395 transaction fee. The Platinum Plan has no monthly fees and has a $595 transaction fee. Both plans include Contract to Close assistance for all your transactions ( typically agents pay $400 per transaction , but with Re Florida Homes you get this service at No Extra Cost! ) , all of the tools, technology and training that we offer as a company.

Contract to close is the transaction management we offer for our agents. Once you have an executed contract , it is time consuming for agents to get it to Close , but with us you can get busy selling, while we do the transaction management for all of your deals. We will create a sheet from the beginning with all parties and their contact info, important dates , schedule inspections & appraisal , follow up with the lender and title company, write addendums ,etc until deal is Closed. And the best part of it, this service doesn’t cost anything extra , it is part of the services we offer to our valuable agents. We want to help you in any way, so you can focus on selling , while we got you covered with all your pending transactions.

Yes. The transaction fee on the Gold Plan is 395 per sale and $85 per lease. The transaction fee on the Platinum Plan is $595 per sale and $85 per lease.

Most of the brokerages offer splits between 70-30% to 90-10% plus a flat fee per transaction. If you join Re Florida Homes and you close on a $300,000 home and the commission is $9,000 then your take home on that closing 100% commission. You only pay a flat fee based on the Plan you are choosing initially, which is $395 for Gold Plan and $595 for Platinum Plan. For example purposes only, if your current brokerage split is 70/30 then you will have earned an extra $2700 commission per closing with us. If you close 15 similar deals in a year, then you will have saved an extra $40,500 in commissions by avoiding the 30% brokerage split. And if you close more deals per year? You could save lots of money that you can reinvest back into your business and take it to the next level.

Yes. You will have broker’s support when needed.

Yes, we offer video training, webinars, live training and one-on-one coaching and mentorship programs for agents looking for more personalized training.

Yes, we provide well qualified buyers and seller’s leads. There is a company split only on those leads provided by RE Florida Homes.
However we have an amazing program to advertise your listings , the leads we generate from your listings come directly to your email and you keep 100% commission from those leads.

Absolutely. You are your own boss 🙂 Make your own schedule !

No. We do host training and social events to build community, when we need to share anything with you then we will send you an email with all the information and/or post it on our website.

We have amazing tools to advertise your listings:

  • HD Buyer Engaging Virtual Tours
  • Buyer Engaging Property Websites
  • Mobile Property Tours
  • Call/Text Capture on Each Listing
  • Integration into Facebook App
  • Lead Capture Squeeze Pages
  • Listings Featured on TV
  • Youtube Property Tour Videos
  • And much more…

No, we have virtual offices where you can rent the conference room when needed. Also there is an option to rent a monthly desk upon request. This is how we keep our overhead costs low and provide our 100% commission plan, which includes the transaction management for agents and lots of training . Most of agents in today’s world work from home , but if they mush have a desk, then each location we signed up with offers a desk that can be rented for a small fee and the conference room at 50% discount when needed.

In today’s fast-paced environment, it’s best to meet clients near their area of search. Most of agents meet their clients at a local coffee shop with free WIFI Internet access (type Starbucks ). We experienced very often that not many clients actually want to drive out to a real estate office to meet, it’s usually out of their way and costs them time and gas money. If a quiet, professional office is needed, almost all title companies and mortgage companies will let you use a spare office or conference room to meet your client.

Please give us a call or send us an email and we will provide you with the paperwork you will need to get started and walk you through the process.

More Questions?

Please contact us via email or phone and we will gladly answer all of your questions.